Hallstein DonChris Edition Version 3


New section "The Edge":

4-seater chairlift "Kante"

slope 11


Mountain Rescue

Car park


Area Kinderland:

Slope Kinderland extended

T-bar lift

Kristallberg area:

Slope 12a

Slope 12b

Plate lift

Freeride Ski Route

Avalanche tunnel

Igloo Village



Night skiing on slopes 5 and 8

Opening hours of the ski resort changed


Slope Helper:

The piste-attendant can now be used in all areas, also to prepare all the connections between the stations and the slopes, as well as the connection of the gastronomy and the drag lift lane !

The groomed track is now worn out everywhere


Snowgun depots:

Depot at the lower reservoir now with snow cannon hall




Sonnenbahn valley station now with underfloor garage and freight elevator

Additional parking space at the Dorfbahn valley station

Road to the middle level (Sonnenhütte) adapted

Wäldchenlift changed from 4-seater to 6-seater chairlift

Some lift stations equipped with additional decoration

For performance reasons, deleted some objects from the village and the upper "small" reservoir

Pistenbully garage at the Schneefeldbahn mountain station removed

Various decorations and signs

Slope plan adapted

Minimap adapted



60% of the map with realistic winter textures



Known bugs :


The platter lift "Teleski Höhenlift" unfortunately runs in the wrong direction and does not work properly in automatic mode


Some of the used texture blocks are flickering if watched from distance


The conveyor belt is without function


Rain and fog are not shown as such in the weather report


No animated skiers on the slopes 3,7,11,12a,12b and in the Snowpark / Kinderland

The new lift stations are not yet used by the animated skiers


On the new forest road section below the pillar of the new forest lift there are unfortunately still "invisible trees" on the road, but you can drive around them