Hallstein DonChris Edition Version 2



New area Funslope:

6-seater - chairlift "Quickjet"



Snowpark conveyor belt

Umbrella bar at the snowpark

Pistenbully Garage

petrol station


New area Kinderland:

Runway Kinderland

Conveyor belt Kinderland

Cash desk



40% of the map with realistic winter textures


Weather system:

Rain and fog added

Stronger dew behaviour in rain

More fresh snow in case of snowfall

Snow stays on roads too
(Not yet finished everywhere)

Snowfall zones at Sesselift exits optimized


Snowgun depots:

Snow cannon depots at the two large storage lakes, with gas station



Mountain rescue service at the upper reservoir and at runway 7

Road bridge with ski tunnel on runway 1a

Avalanche tunnel with service road at the upper reservoir

Piste terrain of some pistes optimised

Better demarcation from the road on runway 8

Slope plan adapted

Minimap adapted

Various decoration


Known bugs :



The new lifts still have problems with automatic parking and loading


The new lifts are not yet used in the economic system


The conveyor belts are without function


Rain and fog are not shown as such in the weather report


On the new forest road section below the pillar of the new forest lift there are unfortunately still "invisible trees" on the road, but you can drive around them


No animated skiers on slopes 3 and 7 and in the Snowpark / Kinderland > The piste helper works here though !


The new lift stations are not yet used by the animated skiers