Hallstein DonChris Edition Version 4


Weather system:

The weather system was adapted to the late season !

Heavy snowfall deactivated
Light snowfall occurs less frequently
Fresh snow only from the middle plane up to the peaks
Increased dew behaviour in rain
increased dew behaviour in strong sunlight

(blue sky)
Thunderstorm added
Light fresh snow on the mountain possible during thunderstorms



The Pistenbully garage at the Dorfbahn valley station was exchanged for the garage of the "AMT


The Schneefeldbahn has been replaced with the new Uni-G Vision


The floodlighting system was dismantled
Opening hours adjusted



 The terrain was 100% retextured




SnowPark umbrella bar:

 The umbrella bar at the SnowPark was added to the gastronomy and can now be supplied

Additionally you get a little bonus here

(see bonus for V4)



removed piste markings on the closed slopes in the valley area

Closable plait nets inserted
[DonChris V3 Object Pack]

Various signs

Small garage at the dealer Spawn removed



Known bugs :




The platter lift "Teleski Höhenlift" unfortunately runs in the wrong direction and does not work properly in automatic mode


The conveyor belt is without function


Rain and fog are not shown as such in the weather report


No animated skiers on the slopes 3,7,11,12a,12b and in the Snowpark / Kinderland


The new lift stations are not yet used by the animated skiers


On the new forest path section below the pillar of the new Wäldchenlift there are unfortunately still "invisible trees" on the road, but you can drive around them